The Value of a Strong Media Profile

Value of a Media Profile

The media can be your best friend when used correctly. Many businesses and professionals don't realise how powerful a strong media profile can be, and in this quick article I've outlined why creating a powerful profile should be on your to-do list.

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1. Form public perceptions and insurance in a crisis.

Nobody likes a media crisis - but occasionally they do happen. In these situations you need someone that can be the talking head and the face of your organisation. People will respond much better if you have a public profile they are familiar with, and you can control the situation more effectively.


2. Communicate to key audiences.

With a strong media profile you can build relationships with key audiences, as well as attracting new customers and potential stakeholders. Social proof is key, and this allows you to leverage new audiences for your business goals.


3. It's great value.

The better your media profile, the more opportunities you have. Being a key person of influence in the industry and the media allows you to achieve goals that were not previously possible.


4. Government and key stakeholders monitor the media for issues.

The government and key stakeholders of important organisations regularly monitor the media to see what's going on, and if they are seeing you show up regularly, this can do wonders for your business.


Could you use a strong media profile for your business? After 30 years of media experience I teach businesses, professionals and organisations how to leverage the media. Click here to learn more about my training and coaching. Until next time!


Bill McDonald