Staying Prepared.

In this digital age, organisations need to assess the additional risk that comes with the 24/7 media cycle, or the risk associated with employees, customers, partners having access to public platforms to air their views (sometimes innocently).  Having a pre-prepared plan to activate immediately when problems surface in the public arena is a critical way of ensuring the sustainability of your organisation.  This is where we can help.

When matters get serious and swift action is needed by your organisation, Bill McDonald will craft a well-planned and strategic means of dealing with this issue

Crisis Management & Implementation

Through our ‘Managing media in a crisis’, program, we can help you:

  • Identify your supporters and detractors
  • Control your outgoing messages (the who, what, when, where and how
  • Understand and exploit the media cycle 
  • Be pre-prepared with a complete media response strategy 
  • Handle difficult interviews
  • Present confidently on camera

Brand Health

I offer help for organisations (corporate, government, small and medium business enterprises) with strategies to:

  • Raise your public profile 
  • Create rapid awareness of a new brand
  • Communicate your core values to your stakeholders
  • Develop new business or strategic partnerships
  • Increase water cooler discussion about their brand
  • Increase trust in their brand
  • Help mature brands stay relevant and sustainable 
  • Develop stronger customer loyalty
  • Develop a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy

How Do We Do This?

We achieve these outcomes by:

  • Future proofing your organisation for crisis management
  • Engaging with current and potential users of your brand in the digital space
  • Developing a media strategy that keeps your brand front top-of-mind
  • Providing a known and publicly trusted face for your brand
  • Linking positive personal attributes to your brand 
  • Directly endorsing your brand through personal use
  • Providing a publicly trusted face for your organisation
  • Providing direct endorsement of your brand through personal use
  • Being the spokesperson for your brand when engaging with partners and stakeholders
  • Facilitating introductions to potential partners/stakeholders
  • Meetings and presentations when you are pitching for new contracts/tenders


Get in touch today to see how I can help you with your corporate brand management and stay ahead of the pack.